Providing tax and business accounting solutions

Although not inclusive, below is a list of some of the services that we offer. If you require something not on the list, please "call" as we will do our best to assist you with your circumstance or refer you to someone who better server your needs.

Whether you graduated with a degree in finance or never passed a math test in your life, the 73,000 or more pages of US tax code are daunting for everyone. Due to the IRS requirement that anyone who earns above a very small threshold must file taxes, virtually everyone files a tax return at some point in their life. With this huge demand for tax services, the supply of tax preparers is equally widespread. Keep in mind that there is a drastic difference in the expertise among tax preparers. Tax lawyers and CPAs are held to much more stringent educational, ethical and service standards than standard storefront tax professionals.

Some of our greatest success stories come from customers who originally prepared their taxes by themselves. Self-prepared taxes initially may seem like a simple task, especially when using an online software program for assistance. In essence, all you have to do is answer simple questions and your taxes are complete. Unfortunately, most clients cost themselves precious time, and in other cases they pay fees to the online software company only to have, in the end, missed out on credits and funds that they were legally entitled to from the IRS. Paying a storefront company an exorbitant fee for what amounts, essentially, to data entry is a waste of your money. If you are going to pay to have your taxes prepared, you should receive quality for your dollars. You should get planning advice and analysis of not only what you ARE claiming, but what you SHOULD or COULD claim.

Of course, there are a select group of people that should file their own tax returns. If the taxpayer has only W2 income and takes a standard deduction, it doesn't make sense to pay for the services of a tax professional. However, just because you CAN be using the standard deduction doesn't mean that you SHOULD. Also, if you have not filed your tax return in any of the last three years because you were below the threshold then you may be owed a refund and there is no penalty from the IRS for filing a late return that qualifies for a refund.

It just makes sound financial sense to hire a qualified professional to deal with matters that CPAs encounter every day. You would not try to do surgery on yourself and if you home needed electrical work you would hire an electrician.(Return to Services)

We recognize that every company is unique when it comes to financial reporting. In an effort to personalize our financial reporting service, we ask that you contact us directly to discuss any questions you have about how we can help your business with financial reporting.(Return to Services)

Forecasting is a necessity when trying to effectively manage and lead a business to profitability. From simple projections to complex financial modeling, KRA will work with business owners and their staff to provide forecasts and answers that maximize a business's potential for success. Our owner, Katherine Richardson, has a extensive background in managerial and cost accounting, including everything from analysis for private and publicly held companies to teaching college courses on these subjects.(Return to Services)

Most business owners see bookkeeping as a necessary distraction. They know that if they didn't have to deal with accounting, it would free up time that could be better used to cultivate new relationships or manage staff. At Katherine Richardson Accounting, we agree. We see our roll as doing everything we can to free up your time. We are also happy to offer our financial experience to help you grow your business and meet your goals.

Something as simple as allowing us to take care of your bookkeeping will free up hours of your valuable time. This also avoids issues associated with hiring an in house bookkeeper which can be a tremendous strain on resources. Let us do what we do best so that you can get back to your business that you do best. (Return to Services)

Our measure of success is the success of our clients. We can help your business identify areas negatively affecting profitability and growth. After negative areas are identified we will work with you to develop sound solutions. Our customers have relied on us in the past to help make decisions in the following areas:

  • Financial and retirement decisions
  • Accounting software selection
  • Business entity type
  • Business Valuations
  • Personnel placement
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Expansion and borrowing decisions
  • If financial questions are keeping you up at night "contact" KRA and we will be happy to assist you. (Return to Services)

    You work hard all of your life for your money. Let us help you keep it. The earlier you decide to make an effort to protect your wealth, the faster it will grow in your nest. We can assist with trusts, wills, estates, insurance and real estate considerations, gifts, disability, social security, philanthropic and charitable considerations, special needs and asset protection. (Return to Services)

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